Analog-to-digital percussions

tl;dr: jump to the end for a video where I hit a thing that sounds like other things.Ā  Percussions are as cool as they are broadly defined. Hit a thing once – that’s noise. Hit it again rhytmically – that’s percussion.Ā  The constraint is, you need an it to hit: a drum, cymbal, triangle, tambourine, … Read more

Multiband distortion with a touch of DIY

Spoiler: skip to the end for a video where all this makes (some) sense. As a wannabe metalhead-guitarist/bassist, I was long curious about how to get a certain gnarly bass tone, that pops up again and again in modern metal & djent. Recently, watching one of Rabea Massad’s videos, I seem to have stumbled on … Read more

Making your e-drums neighbor-friendly(ish)

Drums areĀ awesomeĀ instruments. I mean, you hit stuff with wooden rods and dope sound comes out. It’s the pinnacle of human engineering.Ā  They are, however, quite noisy, which makes them unsuitable for urban living spaces that cram more people per square-meter than Bangladesh. Luckily, electronic drumkits are a thing, and even more luckily, they don’t sound … Read more

Type-safe scripting with C++ (and other weird explorations)

The why and the what(-the-f***) Let’s start this short tale with some background.Ā  For reasons unclear, I’ve started working on my n-th abandonable side-project. Much detail isn’t necessary here: it’s basically a C++ library for performing simple math operations— averaging, sum, standard deviation, autocorrelation and the like. Each operation is implemented as Functor: instantiate it, … Read more

The VFD Series – Part 1: The ups and downs of SPWM

I’ve given up on trying to post periodically here. Let’s see if this brave act of reverse psychology has some effect on my productivity. Introduction Recently, I’ve started working on firmware for a three-phase frequency inverter. While this is absolutely no technological revolution on the grand scheme of things, it’s certainly new ground for me … Read more

Minimalist low-pass filter library

So, the other day I needed to compute some low-pass filters on the fly on an Arduino Mega. By “on the fly” I mean that the filters’ parameters would eventually be recomputed mid-operation, so setting some equation with staticĀ constĀ parameters would not cut it. Using a static filter, is, however, the most common application scenario. If … Read more