Analog-to-digital percussions

tl;dr: jump to the end for a video where I hit a thing that sounds like other things.  Percussions are as cool as they are broadly defined. Hit a thing once – that’s noise. Hit it again rhytmically – that’s percussion.  The constraint is, you need an it to hit: a drum, cymbal, triangle, tambourine, … Read more

Multiband distortion with a touch of DIY

Spoiler: skip to the end for a video where all this makes (some) sense. As a wannabe metalhead-guitarist/bassist, I was long curious about how to get a certain gnarly bass tone, that pops up again and again in modern metal & djent. Recently, watching one of Rabea Massad’s videos, I seem to have stumbled on … Read more

Type-safe scripting with C++ (and other weird explorations)

The why and the what(-the-f***) Let’s start this short tale with some background.  For reasons unclear, I’ve started working on my n-th abandonable side-project. Much detail isn’t necessary here: it’s basically a C++ library for performing simple math operations— averaging, sum, standard deviation, autocorrelation and the like. Each operation is implemented as Functor: instantiate it, … Read more